Problem with 851S@832S and RITEKG05



With the site down…

I am having a few problems.

I flashed my LDW-851s to the 832thingo, All was fine, with the ritek G04 blank media i had but i ran out.
I purchased the next up disks, Ridata G05, these disks are 8x disks, but Nero now come sup with “Invalid block address”. I have 2 coasters so far.

I was wondering if i flashed back to normal 851s firmware would this fix it ?

Anyone got the unscrambled firmware I can flash ? (and the program) :slight_smile:



Go here The Black Wizard’s Lite-On Firmware Page . Use LTNFlash in tools sections to update


Ahhh thx dude, thx from Melbournes west. (Melton).

Think it will solve my problem ?, this is my guess, if I flash back to Official firmware, then update to latest, then the Ritek/Ridata G05 will work ?

[edit] (stupid question) crossflashed vs. Stock ?


crossflash is firmware interchange: 851s -> 832s
stock is original firmware, as provided by liteon.


no worries, Thx.


Before you update, you should try a Reset Learnt Media(RLM).
Go here (Thanks C0deKing) and download the EEPROM Utility for Lite-On drives. BACKUP your EEPROM 1st, then do a RLM. Then try and burn a RITEKG05


Whoops… too late. Already flashed and i have burned one already, reset after flash ?


Scan your burn with Kprobe or Nero CD/DVD Speed Disc Quality Scan. If burn is acceptable, no need to RLM


This is the disk I burned, after firmware flash, not reset EEPROM

Ritek G05, Liteon LDW-851s. i had ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC burns with the 851@832 and Ritek G04. But I cant turn an entire spindle into a coaster :slight_smile: which is why i had to try the official firmware to see what the problem was.


Here you go whiteb, your own thread. Sorry I didn’t have time to do it last night. :slight_smile: