Problem with 812

Hi Guys,

Ive had my 812 for 3 or 4 months now and it is unmodified. I only use quality media (which i dont mind paying extra for) However the results i am getting are very dissapointing. Recently i found that it just does not like Verbatim +R 8X media (MCC) when i did a Kprobe on these the 1st say 10% of the plot have PI errors of over 800- 900 (burned at 4X) the rest of the plot is great ie the last 90% is below 100 PIs. PIFs were better with all my disc below 30.

Also if i try to burn at 8X (on the same Verbatim 8X disc) its a total disaster with an unwatchable disc full of errors of over 900 all over the PI plot. I then checked my Verbatim -R 4X burnt MCC discs, these were much better plots with nothing over about 250 in the PI but no where near what others are getting.

Any suggestions for improvements? Or is it a case of having to find a good or better media? or is it disc batch related???


flash it to 832 with CG4e firmware. i’m getting really good result with mcc

Could you post a kprobe scan(at 4x scan speed) of a good disc and a bad disc? With all due respect to toant103, IMHO, I would recommend doing a EEPROM learnt media reset first, since you were getting good burns before. You might have just had a bad burn or two and not yet recovered. However, toant103 does make a good suggestion, CG4E is a great firmware and one that many have had success with. If you choose to try CG4E, be aware that flashing with unofficial firmware, such as CG4E, will void your warranty. If you have had your drive for only 3 or 4 months, you may wish to take it back…maybe you’ll get an 832 or 1633:).

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