Problem with 800 MB recordable

If I insert a VCD (burned on a 800 MB Cd- recordable) in my cd-device AOPEN CD-RW CRW5232 the red fox in the right of the screen is getting pale. But then nothing happens. The pc freezes and I have to restart the pc. Also no success with safe mode. If I disable anydvd before inserting everything works fine. If I insert the cd in my CD/DVD device NEC DVD RW ND4550A the VCD starts normal, even when anydvd is enabled. I have got windows xp sp2 and anydvd
Is it because my AOPEN is a cd- device and because the cd is bigger than 700MB anydvd is “confused” because it “thinks” it is a dvd but the device is only a cd- device.
Just a guess :bigsmile:

Sheep18 -

Your VCD disc doesn’t contain any region coding or copy protection scheme. Why you are attempting to use AnyDVD on your VCD disc?

Disregarding any AnyDVD problems are you certain that your AOPEN CD-RW CRW5232 drive is actually fully compatible with 800MB CDs? Some computer devices are unable to function correctly on 800MB or over-burned CD disc.

Have you used a diagnostic program like Nero CD-DVD Speed ScanDisc and checked that this particular 800MB VCD disc is free of any errors that would cause it to malfunction?


I don`t want to use anydvd on this disk, I just don’t want to disable anydvd everytime when I insert a 800 MB VCD. When this disc would have errors, it wouldn’t work in this device even when anydvd would be disabled, wouldn’t it? The same thing should go for the compatabilty.

Problem solved. The option “enable speed control” was checked and in conjunction with the AOPEN anydvd crashed. I’ve noticed that the problem wasn’t only with 800 MB recordables but with every data cd.