Problem with 7170



Whenever I install it with an UDMA 2 drive windows stops detecting them, but if I install it with an UDMA 4 drive windows detects it fine. It’s a shielded 80 pin cable and setting the drives from M/S to CS didn’t help.

Any ideas?


The AD-7170 should be a UDMA4 drive, it needs a 80 conductor IDE cable.


It is a shielded 80 IDE cable and will operate in UDMA 4. The problem is when I install a slave(TS-H652 or NEC2500A) which are UDMA2 drives windows stops detecting both drives. In device manager it says it could not load device driver.

If I install the 7170A with a UDMA4 DVD-ROM as a Slave it windows will detect both drives.


Nevermind I discovered the problem.