Problem with 708a

I have a really weird problem. I recently got my dvd burner exchanged on warranty. Everything was working fine for about 1 month, now the warranty has expired and now I have new problems.

Whenever I burn a disc it takes for ever. And I have 4-5 yellow blinks and then 1 green. This happens both on dvdr, dvdrw and cds. It also seems to take alot of recources from my computer since my computer stalls every other second while burning. The buffer level used to be steady 100% in nero, nowdays it flickers from 5-100% and it changes every second… Any ideas?

I just finished burning a cd. Nero told me that buffer underrun was avoided 441 times???


What is yoyr system spec?
Do you have dma enabled?

I have AMD 2400+, with 1GB ram and an Asus Nforce 2 mainboard. DMA seems to be off, says transfer mode: PIO only. I dont have the nVidia IDE drivers installed.

Enable DMA, read this, let us know how it goes.

I had to uninstall the secondary ide channel for DMA to start. Once it started, everything is working fine. Thanks for your help.

glad we can help. happy burning again.