Problem with 4550 it burns but doesn't read after

OK, I have a 4550 with Liggy’s D4550 1.X6 firmware. I have a file that I converted to DVD. When I author and burn the DVD it all goes well. But then if I try to play or view the DVD on the PC it can not find or play the files. But if i take it to a standalone DVD player it works perfectly.

So to recap it burns ok, but doesn’t recognize the files after the burn on the PC but it plays perfectly on a standalone DVD player. Is it possible it could be the firmware? I’m at work so I don’t have all the media information, I know it is Maxell DVD+R 1-8x speed

I have the same problem with my NEC ND-3550A, and my old ND-2500A has this issue as well. Oddly, I noticed it seems to work with (and read) some old crappy Ritek DVD+Rs I have lying around, but none of the DVD-Rs I have of any type (including brand-new TY media) are really readable on either drive. Intermittently I’ll be able to see the disc, but it will get a device error while reading. The burns work fine in other stuff, and pass the CD/DVD Speed tests in my Asus DVD-E616A on the same computer with flying colors. They scan fine on my notebook and its noname DVD-ROM drive too.

I’m pretty frustrated by it, but the only thing I know to do is get a good reader like the Asus DVD-E616A. I’m at a loss for why the burns have low errors and good scans with my Asus drive but aren’t readable by the NECs.

I’ve used both Nero 6 and 7 to burn the discs and it doesn’t seem to matter. I’m going to pick up some TY +R media and see if that makes a difference, given the success in reading the old +R media I have lying around (though your comments make me think otherwise). Also, it doesn’t seem to make a difference if I burn with either UDF or ISO. The drive reads stamped DVDs and CD-Rs/RWs just fine.

I’ve no idea why it has such a severe reading problem for even its own burns. It’s a great writer, but man, I wish I knew how to resolve the reading issues.

I guess one thing I (and maybe you) can do is to try the drives in another PC, though I don’t have time for that at the moment.

At any rate, please let me know if you ever get the read issues figured out, I’d very much like to know. Until then, my only suggestion is the Asus DVD-E616A DVD-ROM drive, it seems to be the best reader from my research and is pretty cheap too.

Thanks for reply, it just amazes me that the same DVD that it just got done burning successfully it can not read the data or play it??? But I can stick it in a standalone DVD player and it works fine??? I tried some different media that was burned with my old nd 1300 and it recognises it and plays it fine??? Very…strange. I’m going to try burning the same way but with a different brand of media to see if that makes a difference.

Thanks again for the reply.

my friend has the same issue with 3550 and 3320. its very weird and annoying…

he has latest firmware.

any suggestions?

In most cases this is a software and/or driver issue.

Tools like Alcohol and CloneCD/DVD, also Virtual Drives and Packet-Writing Software can make this worse.

I’ve got the same problem with ND 4551A. The only way to play these DVD’s on my PC is through Nero player 7 or power dvd. sometimes the drive appears during some instalations of programs, tried changing ATA drivers but did’t help.Installed also ASPI drivers, but that didn’t help eighter. My dvd player also reads these disks. Windows Explorer detects them as blank with RAW file system. Another strange thing is that when I record DVD-Rs before ejecting the disk windows explorer detetcts the disc properly , but after exiting Nero burning rom windows explorer detects the discs again as blank… I haven’t installed any other CD-recording programs or virtual drives. reinstalled windows XP and after that i installed only NERO 7