Problem with 451s@851s and GS0H f/w

Hi to all,
I have problem with the GS0H f/w in my 451s@851s. Yesterday I upgraded the firmware from GS0F to GS0H following the standard way for 451s@851s. The firmware was written OK and then the PC rebooted automatically. The problem began at this point, that is, at the end of the boot, after loading the SO, PC rebooted again. This happened 3 times then I shut off PC. As the only new thing was the firmware, I unplug the 451s. PC on and everything OK. After having connected 451s, in Win2K temporary mode I was able to reflash GS0F f/w in the 451s.
Unfortunately I was not able to do other tests because the PC monitor crashed (maybe short circuit for the flame I saw). When the monitor will be OK (it’s only 1 year old!!!) I will see if everything is OK (I don’t know if now 451s works right or not).

BTW, I’m not able to find an explanation to this rebooting problem. What’s happened?

Thank you for helping me.

PC configuration: MOBO asus P4PE, Intel 2.4GHz, 512M Ram, HD Maxtor 80GB, 451s@851s, DVD-ROM Samsung SD-616Q, Monitor Samsung 753s (killed, sigh!!!), Win2K

Did you patch the FW with LDW851FP before flashing?

Thanks code65536 for the reply.

Yes, I used LDW851FP for patching the FW, as I did with GS0F. The difference is that with GS0F there was only 1 reboot and then everything was OK (after this, however, I powered off the PC, then powered on, de-install burner and install again). With GS0H there was a continuos reboot. This is the strange thing that I can’t explain.


Do you think you have too many things plugged-in to a single power source? This is the only reason I can think that would cause that monitor to crash… Maybe you actually don’t have enough current to power up the PC + the Moniter and that’s why the new firmware didn’t booted correctly.