Problem with 4167B or the disc's fault?

I just tried burning a disc for the first time and it was an old school 4x CD-RW which has some minor scratches. Anyways, I burnt an mp3 cd using nero 7 and after the successful burning session I tried it on my mp3 car deck. The disc took about 30 seconds to load and it was very slow to switch tracks. It eventually stopped working and I had to eject it. I tried the disc on my computer and home stereo and it worked fine.

So, I erased it and burned again but received the same result. I decided to try the same thing but this time on my Plextor 16/10/40A CD-burner and the disc played flawlessly in my car deck.

Is it a problem with my LG-4167B DL12 or something else?

I think its because CD-RW are unplayable in the car since I had the same issue with a Sony CD-RW disc. When I burnt it on a CD-R, it worked fine.