Problem with 4120B

what the hell first burn i try…dont tell me i got a bad dvd burner!

must not like that dvd-r media…the mcc dvd+r 8x burned ok…at 8x though and not 12x like i would think…anyone having issues with the A02 firmware and dvd-r media??


i’ve no issuses so far with A102, A101 and N0AD and DVD-R media. But i burn (at the moment) about 90% DVD+R.



it was 8x dvd-r media cmc i beleive. i have a hunch that its not supported or buggy with unsupported 8x dvd-r media. burns fine on my benq and my nec though…hehe

what i would like to see is a new fw release with bitsetting or atleast the ability to toggle it…i know noad has it automatically but would like the current fw not a older one

Hey all.
Had problems with GSA-4120B and Ritek G05 8x DVD-R media.
Would only burn at 4x and didn’t play correctly on one of my DVD players or my PS2. Couldn’t complete a verify with DVD Decrypter either, it kept reporting errors. Does this drive “like” any 8x -R media?

Have a good one.

go5 is not a “true” X8 media. it has X4 write descriptor and most burners won’t handle it at X8.
Pioneer DVR107D does it at X4, 4082B does it at X4, Nec 2500A does it at X4 and X6. This is not a media i would use. for this price i would get a much better X4 media.

Identical error with a memorex dvd-r 4x atip moser boer india and firmware N0AD, I have returnet to A101.

I have done other identical memorex and not problem.

I have noticed in each case that the writing quality of many dvd-r media is very questionable, with my liteon 166s only ritek g04 is gone to 8x at the end, all other versus 3.5-4 GB slow down to 4x-5x.

I hope in new firmware release that fix the writing quality.