Problem with 411S@811S burning copy of copy

Does anybody know if this is a problem? I have 411S@811S as does my friend. He copied some movies that I then copied from him (both using dvdshrink and nero). Whenever I burn a movie that I shrunk from the original I very few many problems (occasional pixellation). When I burn a movie copied from his copy, I get lots of problems (30 or so pixellations per movie as well as occasional freezes). I can play his copies fine, but not my copies of his copy.

My theory is that when he copies an original, it introduces a certain amount of mostly unseen errors (as seen in Kprobe PI/PIF counts). However, by ripping from that 2nd generation copy, and then burning from that rip, am I introducing even more PI/PIF errors resulting in poor/unwatchable burns?


why rip from his copy & use dvd shrink? just use explorer to copy and paste the video_ts and audio_ts folder from his copy to your hard drive. then just burn with nero. all you’re doing is rencoding by using dvd shrink which is why you’re having pixelation problems.

open explorer, find your drive that has your friends dvd copy, open it up, copy and paste the video_ts & audio_ts folders, paste it somewhere on your hard drive, then use nero to burn.

You are right, the files can be copied with explorer, but DVD Shrink does exactly the same when the source dvd is small enough.
So my theory is that the problem is not the copy of a copy (data degeneration), but the second burn. The second burner might simply write with a bad quality or the media used might be bad or not liked by the DVD player.

try using dvddecrypter to rip and then burn it and see. as far as generational loss goes it is not really likely since dvd-rom has 7 levels of error correction.

try using dvddecrypter to rip and then burn it and see.

ala42 is probably using DVD SHRINK because the dvd is a dvd9 dual layer disc. If it was a dvd5 single layer disc then using dvd decrypter to rip and burn will be ok.

to ala42 what brand of dvd media are you using? it could be the dvd media you’re using is causing the pixelation problem.

Actually it was me that had the problem, not ala42. I was using MCC003 (DVD+R 8X verbatim in a 10 pack mini-cakebox spindle). I thought this was good media.

And to correct my original post, I meant we both use dvdshrink to get the movies from the original discs, but I did indeed use dvd decryptor for copying his copy.

Anyways, I am using HS0K firmware…any opinions on whether I’d be better off with HS0K, HS0P or HS0Q??

Yeah, just rip the disc to be copied to your HD using DVD Decrypter (even if it is not encrypted if the disc being copied was already made with Shrink and already de-crypted, the point is to use DVD Decrypter to make an exact copy of the data on the disc to to be copied onto your HD).

Then just burn the ISO or files on your HD obtained with DVD Decrypter and you will have a perfect exact copy without re-encoding or wasting time and possible making “digital junk”.

I had the same problem, It was a friends Nero. He could copy on his machine but I
couldn’t make a copy of his copy. Thought it was me, it turned out that his Nero needed to be upgraded and he needed InCD. Works great now that he fixed his nero.