Problem with 4:3 ratio

hi all

im trying to convert a 4:3 ratio (avi) film via chickenmans guide, apart from i use dvdlab pro to do my authoring. i’ve been converting for ages now with pretty much no problems. my computer died last week so i had to get another one, installed all my progs again… CCE 2.5, dvd2svcd 1.2.2 build 3, d2sroba 3.50, dvdlab pro avisynth etc. when the converting was finished i came to watch the end result on powerdvd to make sure it was in sync and have found there are black bars to either side of the picture, and the film itself had been squashed so keeping the 4:3 ratio including the black bars. thought maybe it was just a problem with power dvd so i burnt the dvd and watched it on a 4:3 tv, and the bars were still there at either side. i reconverted the whole thing just in case i selected a wrong setting somewhere but the end result was still the same. i have no idea what is going wrong and was hoping someone might have had or heard of a similar problem and can offer me some advice? is the problem with dvd2svcd or dvdlab pro? i’m completely stuck!

thanks in advance


Get the latest DVD2SVCD/D2sRoba pack & use the “16:9 (borders added,encoded as 4:3)” option.

thanks for the reply.

i’ve tried that already, all it does is add borders to the top and bottom, but it still keeps the borders on the right and left aswell, so the movie then plays in widescreen. i’m completely stumped!

But when you authored in DVDLab did you make the project 4:3 or leave it at 16:9?

to be honest i don’t know what you mean, i’ve only ever had to change the project properties from ntsc to pal on dvdlad before, never the aspect ratio. on the project properties it says: menu/slideshow size = 4:3, menu sideshow aspect 4:3, widescreen movie display on 4:3 = letterbox, widescreen menu display on 4:3 letterbox, accest movie sizes = full/half D1, sif, svcd… i havent used menus on my project, just the film.

thanks again