Problem with 3500AG burning speed

Hi guys

My 3500AG was able to burn at least at 8x before I change my motherboard from ASUS K8N to DFI Lanparty. However after the “upgrade” I was unable to get my 3500 to burn at the same speed as before. the only speed I can use now is 2.1x and i couldnt figure out the problem with it and it takes 30min to burn a dvd.

Even when using alcohol, when i choose to burn at 6.1x, it still burns at 2.1x

my pc specification are as below:
Sempron 3400+
DFI Lanparty UT 250GB
2x 512mb GEIL
Seagate Barracuda 250GB

the media i am using right now is Fujifilm DVD-R.
I am not sure if the media is causing the problem, can someone please help me with this issue? Thanks.

Did you try updating the firmware?
Try version 2.1B from
I would suggest the fast variant if you use your drive to rip discs.
Don’t forget that you need binflash to flash it

EDIT2: If it still doesn’t work, check your DMA settings.

hey talos_2002, thanks for your reply. i have just flashed my firmware, changed it to 2.18 original version, and DMA is working on my machine. But the burning speed is still being limited to 6x only. I just used Nero DriveSpeed to test its speed and the max still shows to be 6x. could i have set anything wrong with the 3500?

my 3500 is set as primary drive for one IDE, and the hard disk is linked to another IDE, setting as primary drive. Will it affect the burning speed as well?

Firmware 2.18 is really old. I would really flash the newest, which is 2.1B.
Probably you dvd media is new and the old firmware doesn’t support it properly.

Run nero Infotool, got to the “Disc” tab and post the “Manufacturer ID” showed at that tab. It would help a lot but I am almost sure that 2.1B will solve your problem.