Problem with 3500 and Fuji 8X DVD +R

I have the 3500 with the stock firmware. I’m making backups of some movies but they have not been able to play in my Panasonic DVD player. The media I’ve been using is Fuji 8X +R’s. I previously used the free Newegg DVD -R’s to make backups and they worked fine. Why can’t I get the Fuji’s to play in my player? Any suggestions? Do I need to use strictly -R’s to copy movies? Thanks!

One of two things. Your DVD player may not be able to read DVD +Rs and/or the stock firmware won’t allow bitsetting to DVD -R. You can flash your firmware to the 2.C8Se edition, of course this is unofficial firmware. This should allow you to bitset to -R. Or buy a few DVD -Rs and try them out.

I have an older DVD player and I burn DVD -Rs with no issue about them being playable.

kdshapiro…thanks for the info! I just checked my DVD player over at and see that it works best using -R’s. The DVD player also says on the front DVD-R. So I just ordered a pack of Ridata -R’s from Newegg and I’ll see what they do.

Have you tried booktyping your +R disks to -ROM? That should hopefully work.