Problem with 32123S

I purchased this CD/R months ago and never had a problem. I was using an old 8X CdRom drive and upgraded to an LG 52X. I can’t get the thing to work. Every time I try and copy an Audio disk for instance, with Nero, it hangs when it gets to 56% read. It won’t allow me to even end the program. Has anyone else had this problem?

are they on the same ide cable??
are the master/slave settings ok, on the back of the drives?
do yu have aspi drivers installed?
do you have the latest ide drivers for your motherboard??

Your 52x LG CD-ROM “upgrade” is capable of supporting only a 8x on the fly audio copy.

With this LG drive, if you try to copy audio on the fly at any speed over 8x you will have buffer underrun problems. Theoretically, it shouldn’t hang but just slow the burn considerably. Nero doesn’t always seem to handle buffer underruns successfully even when buffer underrun protection is used.

You should get a fast audio (DAE) reader like a 16x Lite-on DVD-ROM drive.

Thx for the help. I tried copying at 8X and got the same hang result. The drives are on the same cable and the master/slave settings are correct. I forced the ASPI driver and my motherboard is the ASUS P4S533 with a P4 2.4 CPU at 533 FSB. The ide drivers should be there. This is nuts. :confused: