Problem With 2 Movies Now

I got a serious problem now with two movies, The Wickerman R2 as shown in CloneDVD forum and now with Butterfly On A Wheel R2. I can’t backup them, on Wickerman I get this weird message as you see on that post above, now with Butterfly On A Wheel R2 when AnyDVD is active I can’t see the movie in CloneDVD. AnyDVD removes the movie title and therefore can’t be copied, I tried using ShrinkDVD and it can see the movie title but still can’t copy.

What is common about them is that both titles are published by Scanbox Entertainment, do they have a protection that AnyDVD can’t remove?
No other movies are any problem, only these so far but Scanbox is a big publisher so I will bump into them from time to time and I want to be able to copy them to my HTPC harddrive.