Problem with 1clickdvd and dvd43



I was using dvdXcopy for a while and it wasnt working to great a lot of the movies would skip on me, so I decided to try out 1clickdvdcopy5 in conjunction with dvd43. I backed up 1 movie perfectly fine no problems. Then the next movie I tried it froze my computer, so I retried, and retried again. I thought it was a problem with dvd43, not sure why I just kind of figured. So I redownloaded both and it gets about half way done with backing up the original DVD and freezes. Now when I try to back up a dvd it shuts down my computer with some error message.

For other information, my name is Joseph Garcia I am new to the site and new to backing up dvd’s. I am currently enlisted in the United States Air Force as security police. Thank you, if you could help me out it would be much appreciated.


Hi :slight_smile:
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I suggest you try uninstalling dvd43 & install AnyDVD (21 day trial).
This will at least tell you if dvd43 is the problem.