Problem with 16p9s speeds

Hi guys,
I just bought one of these drives, been trying to set it up. I downloaded the codeguys firmware with riplock removed. Now I’ve seen some Nero transfer rate test from other people who are getting nice curves with this drive reaching 16x with no speed drops.

My drive however, always seems to get speed drops once it reaches around 13-14x. It will drop down to 6-7x, then go fast again, and it will get several of these during the scan. It will usually almost get up to 16x, but getting the speed drops the whole way. Just seems like this drive craps out once over 13x. When I rip a movie in dvddecrypter, I see this speed drops as well, although the rip completes successfully with no errors.

I’m not running any other tasks whatsoever while scanning.
DMA is enabled, and I even removed the primary and secondary ide channels and rebooted. I’ve tried 4 different pressed discs (all scratch free in great shape) and a couple of +R discs as well.

Sound to you guys like this drive may be defective? Anyone else had this problem and found a solution for it. Any help appreciated. :slight_smile:

Oh and btw, my benq1625 which is on the same ide channel doesnt have this problem, it gets up to 16x with a nice smooth curve the whole way.

Changing from slave to master, and changing from secondary to primary also don’t seem to help. Seeming more and more like a bad drive to me. Other ideas?

It might use more cpu power, set cdspeed to high priority in task manager (if you’re using windows…)

Is the drive able to read to 16x with pressed single layer diss ?

Well, putting the drive in my other pc doesnt help either (these are both P4 machines with plenty of RAM, etc). Setting CDspeed to high priority does nothing to help either.

Then today, I returned the drive to exchange it for another, the place is close to my work so I said what the heck. The new drive does the exact same thing. Original pressed discs, or single layer, anything over 14x starts to get flaky in this drive for me. SOMEtimes I can get almost to 15x before the speed drops, rarely it will start to crap out even at 12-13x. Again, my benq 1625 will read any of these same discs I’m testing, getting up to full speed no problem with smooth curve all the way (this is a REALLY fast ripper btw).

Now that I’ve looked some more, seems some others may be having this same thing happening. Is this drive just not a reliable reader at over 14x speeds?? Perhaps a new firmware may help? I swear in my benq, it will read anything I throw at it faster than hell, but this liteon I don’t know about, it’s struggling.

i don’t understand…and you’re not the only one with this problem. With stock firmware i can do a transfer rate on a pressed SL disc at 16x no prob. With c0deguys Lite-on and Sony equivelant firmwares i can do 16x on ±R also (only well burnt discs though).

Hey dicer, how does yours do on pressed DL? Do you reach 16x and get a nice smooth graph all the way up and down? Seems strange that others can reach 16x with this drive while some have problems. Up until around 14x though, it really does read quite well. I tried the older FS07 fw too, no difference. :frowning:

I was liking this drive during first tests, didnt notice the speed drops right away. Even with the speed drops, this drive rips a full DL disc pretty quickly. I just feel weird about trusting this drive with it’s erratic behavior at high speeds. Maybe I should just use my benq as a ripper, it does an amazing job at it.

DL can’t do 16x…not on any drive that i know of. Can do 14x very well on some discs this tends to work out the fastest overall. 12x i expect is perfect for all discs (no speed drops).

If you get speed drops on clean SL pressed discs though, then that is odd…

Ya of course you’re right, even my benq only gets just under 15x for any DL disc, and it’s one of the fastest rippers out there. Last disc I did got up to about 14.75x, and it ripped a full pressed DL in 10min, now that’s fast. Other movies with not quite so full a disc can rip in less than 10min, I like this drive alot.

After doing some more testing with the 16p9s, I have mixed feelings. It is a very good reader (until it goes too fast), but I expected it to be a little better. Now I know that speeds drops doesn’t mean I won’t get a good read, but I prefer a drive to reach it’s maximum speeds, reading very well the whole way.

So with pressed DL, even with firmware set for 14x max DL reading, I usually don’t get all the way to 14x and back down without speed drops. With +R SL, it always gets to 14x no problem, but gets unstable above that. And with pressed SL, ya ur right dicer, it gets up to 16x with a pretty good read, only a little jitter toward the end. But I rarely have bought movies in the last few years that have been SL, almost everything is DL.
So I guess I’ll have to set the fw to max 14x for +R SL, and max 12x for DL to get stable reading :frowning: . I’m a bit disappointed, was hoping to rip faster. Any other good or bad experiences with this drive to share anyone?

Well, keep in mind that 14x is still 75% faster than rated. :wink: And 12x is still 50% faster than its rated speed. Just like overclocking a CPU or your memory, your mileage will vary, depending on how good your particular unit is and how good your media is.

BTW, DL will always rip slower than SL because the specifications for DL media (pressed and recordable) have the pits arranged less densely (which is also why DL is 8.5 and not 9.4 GB in size), so that at the same angular velocities (as measured in rotations or radians), the linear velocity (as measured in pits/sec.) will be lower for the less dense media (Nero CD DVD Speed’s measurement of angular velocity is derived from the pit speed and not the actual rotation speed, which is why NCDS will report the rotational velocity as being lower when it really is the same in rpm).

Ya, I was just hoping I could get at least 14x and have it be stable with this drive. I know it’s over stock rated speeds, but some other readers (like the benq or aopen) can easily go over 14x and be stable, guess I was hoping this drive would too. It’s still fast though, with fw set to 12x for DL, ripped Castaway in about 12min, the benq same disc in 10min, I’m still deciding if I should just use the benq to rip and burn.