Problem with 1640..nothing on desktop

For some reason I can’t get my new Benq 1640 (from newegg) to work.
It’s shows up on “POST”?
but after the windows screen I can see my desktop…but no folders.
It’s like it’s frozen but the mouse pointer still moves.
I’ve tried a few ways but…I’m now back to my original compaq DVD player & my old Phillips CDRW 400 series.
Anyone know why it won’t work?

Compaq Presario
1.3gh AMD
60G harddrive

Thanks in advance.

Bad IDE cable. Try another.

Is it jumpered correctly?

Don’t think it’s a bad ide cable since I’m still using it on the dvd & cdrw drives that I hooked back up.

Tried having it as master & as slave.

Is it jumpered the same as the drive that came out?

Try deleting the secindary ide Channell if thats what you have it on and reboot xp will automatically recognise the drives. was.
I tried that and also tried having it by itself.
it shows up as secondary slave or master when I turn on my computer but then when my desktop shows up…everything stops before any of my desktop icons show…& all I can do is move my pointer around.

Oh yeah…I’m using Windows ME

So you are using MS IDE drivers? Did you try what Alan posted?

Hi :slight_smile:
Jumper setting.
Post # 3

I read that before I posted & I’ve installed cd & dvd drives before with no problem so I know about the jumper settings.

How do I find out which drivers I’m using?

Look here but check the driver tab also >

Hi :slight_smile:
Go to system properties. >Device manager. >IDE/ATAPI Controllers. >Primary/Secondary IDE Channel. >Properties. >Driver Tab.

zebadee > This person is using WinME.

Edit: You took pics out :wink: