Problem with 1633s external lite on burner

i can back up movies on regular dvd’s fine. when i try on verbatim +r dl i get problems. about an hour or so into the movie on playback it will freeze for about 45 sec up to several minutes. i backed those same movies up on verbatim +r and had no problems. someone said it might be a firmware or bitsetting problem. could really use some help, thinking about getting new burner.

You need to supply us with more information, like firmware version and some scans of the discs. Are you using 1653S firmware CSTR or 1633S BS0S? If the latter you might want to consider cross flashing to CSTR. You’ll find a crossflash version of CSTR on my site or you can use the EEPROM Utility to convert your drive to a 1653S and then you can use the stock firmware. And yes your discs should be bitset to DVD-ROM for the best compatibility…

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