Problem with 1620 In an external enclosure

I bought an external enclosure with a PL- 3507 chip that i flashed with the last firmware( PL3507-112805B.hex) associated with a 1620 with last firmware and also with ew 162I one.But I can’t write and erasing data, the drive just read.When the software reaching the moment to fill the buffer of the drive that stop.When I use my dvd writer in ithe PC there is no problem.Thank’s for your interest :doh: :doh: :doh:

Nobody get this problem ? I continue to read a lot of post but i can’t understand why my
1620 don’t work in this enclosure with a PL-3507.I tried in different PC but it’s allways the same.Thank’s by advance for an answer .Sorry for my poor english.


There might be some problems between your PC and the drive, ie the firewire card and/or enclosure. Please let us know:

  • your system specs
  • what kind of firewire card
  • the media code of the disc using Nero CD-DVD Speed “Disc Info”
  • burst rate test using Nero CD-DVD Speed (how many MB/s).

I used the enclosure only in USB2 .My PC is on XP Home edition 2800+ Atlhon MSI K7N2 .L
512 MO Ram .In the PC the 1620 works great in the enclosure I can’t write or erase something.The case is equipped with a PL 3507 and also a Agere Fw 802B. There is not a problem with that ? Thank’s for the answer.