Problem with 1620 FW

I had the B7V9 firmware loaded for my drive. However, now when I try to run a FW test or a newer firmware, the firmware listed for the drive is:

BENQ BV Current firmware : 1.0

When I try to upgrade within the FW tool, the error message states:

“Invalid firmware version. You cannot upgrade this drive.”

What happened and why? And how do I fix this? Right now, the drive wont read ANY disks - CD or DVD, data or video.

Please help. Thanks.

Try downloading B7W9 Here Then unzip the FW restart your PC in safe mode and try again. If that does not work try flashing with a CVT FW. Look in the BenQ FAQ’s under Firmware (Flashing or crossflashing). Let us know if you have any problems.:slight_smile:

Can you reset the firmware?

Replace the IDE cable you use and disconnect a second drive on the same cable to check if this solves your problem.

Awesome… it worked!

Ala42 did it again. He has helped me on numerous occations, what a great asset he is to this forum.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Agree with that statement. :iagree: What would we do without ala42. I had a similar problem with one of my 1640’s reporting a strange FW code and on further research I found this to be the culprit. Just posting for info.:slight_smile:

Ooh … that’s not so gouda. :frowning: