Problem with 112L and imgburn



hi everyone!

i’ve just bought a 112D that i have crossflashed to 112L. I can burn dvd-r easly but imgburn crash when i want to burn dvd+r dl. Im posting this question here because i also have a lite-on and i can burn dual layer without any problems. So maybe its a drive problem! Thanks for your help!

so heres the infos!

112D@112L FW buffalo 8.09
Verbatim DVD+R DL (MKM001)

BurnThread Runtime Exception
Message = EAccessViolation


Did you even test the burner before crossflashing it??


Good question. I always try the drive out after installing to make sure it works right, right out of the box 1st :iagree:


no i havent tested the burner with the original fw.
well, tomorrow i will exchange it at the store and see if the new one will be ok


That’s not a really good idea. After crossflashing the drive, you voided warranty. I think that the store will not change your drive :frowning:


As Geno888 states not a very good idea because if they decide to check it out first they can tell that you crossflashed it even if you crossflash it back to the orignial FW. And then that could make it tougher on the other people who has a legit problem with their burner, When you crossflashed it you knew that it would void the warranty and you did this at your own risk. Sorry if I offended you on this post the facts are the facts my friend


In case they wont check the drive/firmware, the next buyer will face the same problems…


ok… i’ve just tried a new 112D with stock firmware… the 1.09
and i have the same problem. I can’t burn DL disk burn im able to burn single layer.

BUT!! i can burn DL with CloneDVD! wierd!
so now that i know thats a problem from ImgBurn and not the burner, i will ask on the right forum :slight_smile:

but if someone know something, please let me know here!


Just please poist a log.

WhichImgburn version were used and HOW did you create the backup?


Incase you’ve not realised, this problem was fixed in the release. :slight_smile:


Took the words right out of my mouth !!

Newest version is now v2.3.2.0

Keep up the good work LUK !!