Problem with 110D, why?

I saw this post somwhere, and none had any answers. Thought it would be a good idea to actally get a answser before buying a product that dosent work, though am not the person, and cant give out any more info about it, I hope someonw can help understand the problem.

have a Pioneer 110D drive, it is the only dvd/cd drive i have in my pc

When i use it to write a new dvd it reads fine on my other pc and standalone dvd player, but the pioneer 110D drive shows up as empty.

Any other DVD’s work fine in the drive, just as long as they wasnt burnt in it.

Its fine with cd’s and i have tryed many different burning programs.

And it doesnt matter what i burn to the dvd, video, date etc . windows says the drive is empty.

I have tryed unistalling/reinstalling the drive but no joy and
the firmware is up to date.

This sounds like a software problem or misconfiguration that leaves you with open sessions on the discs you create. The solution would depend on what you are using to burn the discs, but as a general rule look for options|settings|preferences that refer to closing or finalizing discs.

If you are using nero, try reading this page where it describes finalizing multisession discs.

This is the real problem. Your OS and config has fed up and is b0rked.

am getting mine soon, so i`ll be doing alot of tests,

thx for answering both of you :slight_smile:

It may be the only drive but!

IDE settings
BIOS settings
BIOS update
MOBO drivers updates
Windows drivers updates
Use only one burning program until it is fixed!
Don’t use Nero 7 until you get it working
Uninstall everything you don’t need
look for two versions of software