Problem with 110D, is this a cabel problem?

i got this message:

Check if you have selected Simulation option in burning dialog window (see image)

yes i have, but my problem is that its burning in 6x not 12x.... so it dosent matter if its sim or not, but it cant burn at 12, or any higer… lol, it can`t even burn at 7x… but my burner should manage 16x?

Oh, now I understand.

In the message there is that your source data is too slow to burn @12x. Are you trying to do a burn “on the fly”?

Do you have DMA enabled?

hmm, how do i set DMA?

search :slight_smile:

This drive should be in UDMA mode 4.


why should sim be off? i did`t wanna burn, just test?

DMA is now on, but i don`t see a 4 anywhere.
am doing all the steps, and am running win2k, and the steps is way off…

check here: maybe it clarify better

hmmm, when i open in device manager, i cant locate whats beeing screenshoted in pictue 7. When thats said, i do have Ultra DMA Mode, but i now can only write at 4x that`s NERO saying. I could do 6x after i changed the cable to 80 wire(sharing with another)…

damnit, what is this?

Changing cables with 80 wire ones surely don’t damage your system.

Maybe your problem is that you have installed nvidia or intel IDE drivers instead of standard microsoft ones.

should the 80 wire be only on the dvd writer, or can it share it with another disk(bootdisk)?
cause i had 50 wire before on the dvd writer, with a05, then it was 6x, but i ddint use a05 then, so all power went to 110d…
now that i changed cable with 80wire, shared with 110d… i can only write at 4x…

“nvidia or intel IDE drivers instead of standard microsoft ones.”

say what? What you mean?
Of couse i have nvida drivers… i got nvida 3d card…

Sharing the same IDE channel between an harddrive and a burner is bad only if you burn from this HD. If you have only one HD and a burner, then the best config is to put HD as master in primary IDE channel, and burner as master in secondary IDE channel.

Regarding nvidia deivers, I mean IDE channel drivers, not graphic card ones.

Check my image to see

Also check in the BIOS that DMA is on or set to AUTO.

ok, i found out that the other comp will handle it… i`ll test it tomorrow with a burn.
btw, are random speed supposed to be so weak?

if i do burning, it will do linear, right? cause then it knows what to burn…

  1. yes
  2. depends on the burner, firmware, media and chosen speed.