Problem with 109 and nero please help me

everythings been working fine for months but now when i burn a cdr at 8,16,24 or 32 the record buffer keeps shooting back to 9% several times during the burn then at the end of the burn it appears to do lead out but no burn successful message appears and it doesnt eject.Im at my wits end please can anyone help me? please

I wish to help you but I don’t know… Maybe nero’s fault? Try another burn program. Could be the media (I highly doubt) - try another brand. Update the firmware of the drive. Those are the solutions I would try.

Try Stomp’s Record Now Max v4.5 - it worked for me with simulair problem.
During instal,it wil ask you to remove Nero’s InCD,becouse it couses conflict - just do it! Upgrade your firmware(Pioneer) to 1.40 as well

cant upgrade firmware tried loads just says target object no found can you help with this my current firmware is v109

Here i did same for some peep last week, download this >

Then extract your FW to a folder, it will have 2 files, 1 is FW other is kernal, load into this tool, beware if you have a front door on pc case, as it will eject tray.

It may be dynamic recalibration, “active OPC” or whatever they call it.
On the CDRINFO test the CD writing plot has barely discernable “blips”, but the DVD writing plot - shows the classic down spikes, though only on some plots.

Using firmware 1.09, I pushed an old “silver/silver multispeed” to 24x - the buffer was spiking in the same way (and this was a copy, buffered to an idle and alsmost clear drive).

The result scanned nicely in my old Liteon - C1 peak 20, average < 1, no C2 - I’d treat that media a little more gently next time though, if I was going for a quality burn for an awkward reader.

fantastic first sucessful burn for days thanx so much.Just one point record buffer jumps down to 9% several times during the burn at 32 speed is this normal.the disk seems to be fine.

once again thanx brill hummyboy

Yes, buffer jumps are normal due to recalibration of the laser power. Congratulations, you now have a good drive!

just taking a moment to thank everyone


Anyone have any experience with “TDK - scratchproof” / “Verbatim anti-scratch” combined with a Pioneer burner?

(Thanks everyone for their efforts of scanning, Personally changed from PhilipsC16 to Verbatim MMC03/04 due to this topic)

Have a look at in the DVD MEDIA section.

Don’t know if anyone else mentioned it, but adjust your memory usage levels inside of Nero. Set them to max. Can’t hurt!
cache and ultra buffer.