Problem with 106D

I tried a couple time to burn at 4x and it burns fine without any corruptions. I tested the dvd using dvdinfopro the read speed goes down to ~0.90x. When I burned it using Nero, the buffer was going up and down like crazy. Any idea what’s up with this?

low blank quality or wrong writing strategy

the disc I am using is the Ritek’s G04 and the discs I burned at 2x all have readable speed at ~8x. What do you mean by wrong writing strategy?

What kind of RITEK G04?
There are various on the market and their quality also differs.

You could try cleaning the lens if that problems persists with other brands of media too.

It’s the Ridata brought at newegg.
I also tried the Legacy brand, at 2x the read is ~8x and at 4x the read is ~0.90. Both brands all stated support burning at 4x.
I don’t think it’s the lens problem because when I first got the burner I did burned at 4x and it was already like that.

does 106D really support 4x burning? I chose the MAX burn speed under Nero and DVD Decrypter and the maximum speed they can reach is 2x. My firmware is 1.06.

Have you checked to see if the IDE channel the drive is connected to hasn’t dropped backed into PIO mode?

it’s in Ultra DMA Mode 2