Problem with 1.20 Firmware on DVR-108

I’ve just updated my DVR-108 to Firware 1.20 and the very first DVD I burned made a coaster. I tried burning another one at 4X and the burn was successfull, but it doesn’t play in my DVD player (PS2) even though I’ve had no problems before playing these DVD-Rs. I’m using Ridata 8X DVD-Rs and on my old firware not only did I not have any problems with this media, but I was able to burn these 8X discs at 12X. Now 12X burning fails, and a successfull 8X burn doesn’t work. I’m really regreting upgrading my firware at all. The site says that I cannot Flash an older firware. Any suggestions?

Here is the methode to come back to an old version, the 1.18 for exemple:

1.Download DVRFlashv2.0
2.Download the 1.18 firmware.
3.Put DVRFlash.exe and R8100108.118 directly onto the root of your C: drive.
4.Go to Start->Run and type in “cmd”
5.Type “cd c:” at the command line to change your working directory to the root of the C drive.
6.Type “DVRflash X: R8100108.118” changing X to the drive letter assigned to your DVR-108 and hit enter.
7.Follow the on-screen instructions

Thanks Djadja, I followed your instructions and succesfully downgraded my firware to a modded 1.18. Now if I burn at a slower 6X they seem to work fine. It’s ironic that the modded firmware unlocks the ability to burn my 8X Ridata DVD-Rs at 16X, but in order for them to work I have to slow down the burn to 6X. I’m just happy that I’m able to successfully burn DVDs that will work in my PS2.

Thanks again :smiley:

Happy for you :wink: