Problem with 1.1.1 Region Code

In Full (Disk) Mode when i burn the Files with nero an Play on my DVD-Player comes

False Region Code (comes only in Full-Mode)

If i take the Movie only mode my DVD-Player works great.



i have the same problem.

posted my thread earlier today and was told to user dvddecrypter to remove the region.

never had to do this in earlier versions of dvd2one.


i always rip with region free, i think its a problem of dvd2one in the full-disk-mode, because i tested the disk on different SA-Players. If the player is for all regions, than the disk will play. I have with ifoedit remove the region after dvd2one an the sa says the same. False region.

if i use the movie only mode it works great.
I think the problem can be if on the movie is an original trailer ?


don’t use nero use prassi primodvd or recordnow.
nero has a problem making compliant dvd’s


i burned with nero ober 100 dvd without any problem. i have tested full copy mode with dvd95copy and burned with nero. the dvd works great. if i use dvd2one in movie only mode the dvd works also great. i think dvd2one habe in full mode a problem. power dvd playes the files only the sa have an problem (i tested 3 sa)

well i burned one with nero and made a coaster wouldn’t play and burned the same movie with primo dvd and played like a champ. i have heard people say that nero has a problem burning compliant dvd’s and i fouud out for myself that it does have problems. maybe you edited a setting in nero ?

People always blame nero when a dvd is not working correct.
I have made over 120 dvd’s burned with nero and never have encounter problems.
So don’t blame the software if you don,t know how to burn a dvd…

well i guess the makers of this fine program blame nero too here is a paste from the news page right here on dvd2one’s site :
Saturday February 15, 2003
As you might know, I discovered that there were problems with the compatibility of the disks that were written with Nero. Fortunately Ahead took these problems seriously, and they have worked to find a solution. I just tested a Release Candidate of V5.5.10.13 of their software, and as far as I can test the problems seem to have been solved! Great work guys!

so i’m not the only one guess it works fine now with the new version. i haven’t tested it yet tho

I read all the post on this forum and I read this one with interest I have never suffered with any of the problems people post here all version’s of DVD2one have worked movie and full mode and as for Nero I use Nero Express and have a fantastic results even my Toshiba SD2109 player plays everything I burn on DVD-R and this player is well known for it’s inability to cope with DVD-R. DVD+R play on all my other players Flawlessy.

O/S windows XP Pro
P4 2.53 CPU
Radeon 64mb DDR Vivo Graphic’s
512mb Kingmax PC2700 ram
Sony DRU-500a DVD Writer (Firmware2.0e)
Toshiba SD-M1201 DVD rom
Nero Express ver5.5.10.20

Players include:-
Toshiba SD2109
Samsung 511
Samsung 105
Cat DV988
Panasonic DMR E30 Recorder
Playstation 2
I agree with t1955feb !!!:bow:


ich have tested again:

DVD2One with Only Movie Mode works great for me (Nero and RNM)

DVD2One with Full Disk Mode works not (Nero and RNM) the DVD-Player says not right Region

If i make a full Copy with DVD95Copy and Nero works very great in my DVD-Player.

I Riped the Files with Smartripper (with the option make region free and without this option) I also tested with DVD-Decrypter with both options.

Its always the same DVD2One Full Disk Mode DVD Play not on DVD-Player


I Think DVD2One have an problem with some SA Players

I have just ripped Aliens - Special Edition, Full Disk Mode, using DVD decrypter to make region free, same problem, won’t play on any stand alone I have tried, Namely Mico980S, Logix 3300D and Samsung 807, PS2 all return wrong region format, something is wrong here, movie only mode, perfect


ever thought of doing the following???

Rip everything to your Harddisk using Smartripper. Use Ifoedit and open the IFO files, click on Region Free, save the IFOs and try running DVD2one? Should remove all issues with Region checking…

i test with ifoedit and regionfree. it´s the same with the full disk mode. can not play on sa.
so i think other peope have also this problem. dvd2one have an bug; is not 100 percent good for all sa.


Just done full rip of Below with dvd decrypter, put it trough DVD2one then used Nero Express using a Datsafe -RW & have no problems on standalone players that I have. Rip done in file mode select all.