Problem wit LG GCC-4521B Combo Drive & ECS Mobo! Help!

I installed an LG GCC-4521B Combo Drive in a Pentium 3 Intel Chipset PC running with WindowsXP, and it was running well, in fact able to burn a hundred cds!

now, i bought a new PC a n ECS P4M800-M7 mobo, and I transfered the Combo Drive to this PC. It’s gone crazy! It can read only Audio & Video CDs, not DataCDs! It can’t even read bootable CDs when I tried to put a WinXP bootable CD. But other CD brands run on it, even my 3 yr old Generic CD-Rom! It can’t even burn cds! Once, it said “Burning Successfully Completed!” but when I tried it on another PC, nothing was in there! It’s still blank!

Is there a compatibility problem between ECS & this LG GCC-4521B Combo Drive? I already installed a Firmware v1.07, and said it was successfull, but still nothing happens! Pls… Help!