Problem win GSA 4163

Hi, i just bought a new 4163 and i have the following problem:

I burn a CD-RW (verbatim 2X) with NERO 6.3.x.x with the verify option ON, the problem is that the verification fails. I tried other media, some disks worked others not. So i tried a second time with a disk that was OK and the verification failed. I even tried with a CDRW and it failed the first time, but the second time it was OK.

Any ideas of where is the problem? (I have the burner here at work and i will try with this PC and Nero 6.6.x.x)

Thanks. Alejandro.

upgrade firmware to wersion v103


yes, if you do update your 4163B FW to A103 and it helps, please let us know.

I have this drive with A103 FW.

I changed the flat IDE cable from 80 pins to 40 pins, and upgraded the Nero version to, i burned 3 DVD-RW without problems, tonigth ill keep trying and see if it fails.

I don’t want to upgrade firmware yet because im afraid it could void the warranty or something. When im sure the drive is ok i will.


Well, i updated the firmware to A103. I have to keep testing with the Verbatim -RW 2X media. I just bought a Verbatim +RW 4x just to make sure the DVD-writer works ok, and… it doesnt work, i tried to burn some MP3s and NEro starts saying Formatting disc (i dont know anything about this) and it fails to format the disc. Then i tried a full erase of the disc y it failed with a message, the drive is not ready. I tried to burn one of the -RW 2x and it worked, tonight i will try burning Imation +R 8x and see what happens. I will test the +RW 4x media on a friend burner.

Questions: What is this formatting thing? If the +RW 4x media works on another burner, can i safely say that is my 4163 problem and i should exchange for a good one?

Thanks. Alejandro.

I would try writing with some other software other than your older version of Nero before I dismissed the LG as defective. Nero has too many problems to keep track of. Try InCD and see if you can do a direct write.

I have Nero is that old? Anyway i will try another software as you suggested.

Failed to burn imation 8X media (teh verification fails). Today i will try another software. Is Nero that bad?

the last nero is ID try burning with something else just to see sonic, roxio, dvd decrypt, or even latest nero i listed before. you really cant go by nero its almost a year old

change from master to slaver or slave to master. I have this problem and i do that and work ok.

Hello Guys, How Can I Know My Bios Version?


i upgraded to Nero, now i cant burn DVD-RW no more, a full erase fails. I will RMA the drive and see what happens with the replacement.

Any news?

Here in Argentina RMA is not that simple… you have to proove that it doesnt work, i will go there tomorrow and show them the troubles im having and see what happens.