Problem whit:The New World R2

I have tried to copy this movie but i take at the vob_6 (99% of the disc) a CRC error.
I use anydvd last release and Clonedvd2 last release.
I have two writer (Benq1655 an lite-on 16H5S) and no one have success.

I have a regular key for the two program.

I have succesfull copy the movie whit Ripit4me e Srinkto5 basic for the compression (DVDSrink have some problem) and anydvd off.

Have someone copy this films succesfully whit anydvd and clonedvd2?


Copied with AnyDVD & CloneDVD last releases! No problem. Maybe a “bad” disc?

Why the word copy is red?

I’m italian and exuse for my english.

So why Ripit4me can do it whit same HW and same disc?

What? “Copy” in RED??? Where???

Exuse is the wine? :bigsmile:

Can you explain to me why with Ripit4me i can do the job whit same Hardware and same original disc.

Very strange. I have copied the DVD also with Nero Recode 2 and no problem. Can you try with another DVD? Try to “rip” the movie ONLY with AnyDVD, without any software.

I have try to whit movie only and whit all disc but is the same.

No i can’t do whit another disc i have only one.

The problem is on vts2_6.vob (60mb of file).
Whit RipIt4me evetithing go well except when it run dvdsrink that give me an error. I use Srinkto5 for the compression.

Can someone of slysoft can explain this to me?


“Cyclic redundancy check”

What exactly causes this error?

“Cyclic redundancy check” is an error caused by the DVD-ROM Reader
having difficulty reading the DVD Original/Copy.
this error means that the DVD Reader is possibly “dirty.”

True story: I had a computer with a DVD Burner by liteoN and a DVD writer
by Liteon as well. Copied DVDs fine for a couple of days then I ran into
the CRC Error “Cyclic redundancy check” I thought it was the DVD it self
the source disc. I replaced the DVD-ROM reader with an LG DVD-ROM reader
& CD burner and the “Cyclic redundancy check” problems went away like magic.

What I recommend is buying a reliable DVD-ROM Reader like LG DVD Reader/Writer

What I recommend is LG products

Right. But why with one program no and whit another program i an do the job whit the same hardware and same disc?
(look at my sign).

Did you send the IFO files at SlySoft?

To do this, follow the informations in this post. :wink:

It is important to have AnyDVD [B]disabled[/B] while you rip the IFO files on your HD. :wink:


No i don’t send nothing becouse i want see if is only a my problem.

I think is a strange think what happen to me ,do you think?

It looks like some other italian user had problems during the rip at 99%, see here (link to an italian forum). :wink:
I don’t have the movie, so I can’t confirm it.

This is why I suggest to send the original IFOs to SlySoft anyway. :iagree:


Yes is the vts02_6.vob (a small file of 50-60mb 99% of the disc).

In the recoded version this file is not present.

Actually, if you don’t manage to copy this movie, don’t worry about it. The movie is absolutely horrible.