Problem while viewing movies


Apreciate if someone can help me with this or can give me some advice

I am using a Nec3540A firmware 1.03
Alcohol 120%
DVD player pioneer DV-444 (quite old)

When i burn movies in full (DL) and watch them on my player, the image suddenly freezes, i noticed it is while changing layers it only happens with my player, but not on my computer.
If the player is the problem do ya know some trick in order for this not to happen?

Thaks in advance

memorex is widely considered junk.

ritek DL is not very reliable. the burn quality of the 2nd layer is probably VERY poor.

you have an NEC…you can dl nero cd-dvd speed and do a disc quality scan and see how bad it is.

at the moment, the only really trusted media is Verbatim for DL (MKM 001)

also, clonedvd doesn’t keep the original layer break information. some have good luck with clonedvd and dual layer burning. personally, i do not. I use only DVD Decrypter in ISO READ mode then I load the .mds file into IMGBurn and burn from there. As far as I know this is one of very few ways to keep the layer break where it belongs.

in my opinion, your problem could be either one or a combination of the 2 above issues.

also, I’m not familiar with NEC drives really, but if you can set the booktype for +R DL to DVD-ROM it can only help the situation. (although I don’t believe this is your main problem it does tend to improve compatibility especially with older standalones.

PS, i want to say thank you for providing adequate information about your problem and setup on your first try. normally people post things like “hey, my discs don’t work. fix it”

but yeah, it was refreshing to see so much information provided without us trying to surgically extract it from you so thank you!!!

Thanks for your reply, i am running the test on a burned movie, i will post the results, I was looking into Alcohol and it has an option to change the booktype to DVD-ROM, will try that also.

i wouldn’t recommend alcohol for dual layer burning either.

it’s worth a shot if you’ve got the discs to burn (literally and figuratively), but I tend to not take chances especially at like $2 a disc.

i believe nero cd-dvd speed has a booktyping option but I’m nto sure how it works. I have a benq drive and it comes with a manufacturer’s utility to alter booktyping and such.

the option to booktype doesn’t have to come form the program that you burn with. Third party programs work just fine (I believe nero cd-dvd speed has an option like this)

also, if you’re running the disc quality test, you should post it here and maybe that will help us give some more pointers.

This is the result of the run prety bad i gess :confused:

General Information
Drive: _NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A
Firmware: 1.03
Disc: DVD+R DL (RITEK D01)
Selected speed: 8 X
PI errors
Maximum: 393
Average: 104.78
Total: 2724331
PI failures
Maximum: 14
Average: 0.95
Total: 18951
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 18:54
Number of samples: 29609
Average scanning interval: 8.01 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

i should have let you know ahead of time…the accepted scanning speed for NEC drives is 5x. seeing the graph would help, but my guess is that it looks decent for the first half then it’s pretty much a solid block of errors on the second half. is that assumption correct?

i really think that switching media will improve your burns tremendously.

check the bargain basement forum. i believe 10 packs of verbatim DL media were on sale for 19.99 somewhere starting tomorrow (best buy maybe)

if you’ve got some memorex left and want to experiment, try burning one of your ritek discs using the dvd decrypter method i mentioned and compare the two scans. chances are it could create a readable disc for your standalone, but i think the bulk of your problem is poor media.

i am attaching the graph here

the graph shows in PIE when the jump is done a peak of 400 and then gradually returns to the average of 110 or so
I also forgot to write that the movie is still viewable when it goes to the second layer, the main problem is that it frozes when doing the jump, by pressinf FFWRD in the standalone it continues
this does not happens when i play the movie in my computer (burner or dvd-rom)

i will try the method that you suggested

ok, that’s actually a pretty GOOD burn as far as ritek DL media is concerned.

that spike at the layer break is definitely your issue. before you go and spend more money on discs I’d give dvd decrypter a try and see if it’s better handling of the layer break will quell that issue you’ve got there.

it could be that you’re one of the lucky ones that ritek DL media works alright for.

(I still recommend switching media, but it doesn’t look as bad as most scans I’ve seen of that media)

I ve checkeed the booktype and it is set to DVD-ROM, i still have around 5 blanl dvds so i will try creating the image with dvd decryter and burning with imgburn and will post the graph here,
Do i have to remove anydvd from memory resident?

Thanks a lot for your help

anydvd does not do anything to harm a burn. in fact, it will probably give dvd decrypter that boost it needs to deal with newer discs.

when using them together, go into dvd decrypter options. under general, DESELECT “check for structural protection” and under I/O options select ELBYCDIO.DLL.

also, like i said before. on an NEC drive scan at 5x.

while burning a DL disc i don’t even look at my computer. I even disable my internet connection and my antivirus and any unnecessary processes in task manager.

i’m interested to see how it goes.

when you run out of riteks though there’s no reason you shouldn’t restock with the verbatim DL discs.

Itryed your recomendation and here is the result i kept AnyDVD on memory, used DVD decrypter and burn with IMGBURN usinf the .mdf file created, Still having the peak on the layer break but for my surprise this time when i watched in my stand alone it deid not stop, it only paused and continued w/o problems

I was told by another person to do it this other way, rip the files to the hard drive, and then use nero to burn the DVD have someone tryed that aproach?

Thank you for your help reason