Problem when starting up the computer

I have a problem regarding my computer when turning it on. When I start the computer, the computer loads the specs and then the computer restarts and the same step that I have stated repeats over and over again.

Before this happen, I recently installed Internet Anti-Spyware Security and the program did a Anti-Spyware scan and then it said to restart the computer by clicking ok. So i did, and now the computer just keeps on restarting, not even loading to the desktop. Can anyone tell me whats going on? Any help will be appreiciated…

When it starts to boot just keep pressing F8 then try safe mode, then use system restore, hope this helps

Thanks alot, that did the trick but the anti spyware software is gone… As long the computer starts up, then thats fine. Dont really need the software and any more problems… Thanks again Jethro :slight_smile:

Your welcome
try this for your anti virus/spyware works well and it is free: