Problem when instaling DVD-Ram Driver



I am having problems when instaling Panasonic DVD-Ram Driver.

Everytime I try to install it, I get this message shown in the attachement .


Have a look at no 6, especially part ii :


Attachments are not working. Please post back with your OS version and drive model.


Driver; GSA-4166B with 1.02 firmware
I still having the same problem even after installing the Panasonic Patched DVD-RAM.
When I try to format I cant do it because the program start but it’s inactive showing that drive is in use.
The details shown in drive propreties is the following:
Files sistem: UDFRDR
Total used Space:410 kB
Free storage space : 0 KB.
Please any help.


I think I know why. I’ve got this error before. The trick is not to select (left click) the special drive letter that the Panasonic driver created before formatting. Otherwise the silly thing won’t let you format the disc because you are currently browsing it.

Follow these steps and see if they work for you :

  1. Put DVD-RAM disc into drive
  2. Wait for light on writer to stop blinking
  3. Click on some other drive other than the special drive letter created by the Panasonic driver (e.g. your hard drive)
  4. Right click on the special drive letter and select format
  5. You should now be able to format the disc

Before you do this though, you should probably know that most DVD-RAM discs come pre-formatted. If you are using a brand new DVD-RAM disc, chances are you don’t need to format it at all. Just stick it in and start using it.


Be sure to turn off XP’s burning service and remove anything like InCD that’s installed.