Problem when i increase freq(trying to OC my CPU)

When I increase my frequentcy of the memory. Or atleast thats what I believe I am doing. I am losing my SATA drives. I maintain my IDE drives even my drives on my IDE add-in card, but my SATA drives just disappear. When i turn it back to 200 they reappear.

I have P4 2.8c
ABIT IC-7G (#27 BIOS Update not #28 had to many issues with it)
1.5 gig of RAM (256x2 Corsair XMS and 512x2 Kingston ValueRAM)
Radeon 9800 Pro 256
The SATA drive that drops is a Seagate .7 Generation.
I really want to OC to get a little more performance out of this aging computer before I upgrade, but I can’t afford lsoing that much HD space just to do it.

Welcome to the wonderful world of overclocking! This is the sort of thing that happens. Sorry.

Mix match memory doesn’t overspeed well. Mine did fine but are all same brand and lot number.

Sounds like you do not have a working PCI freq. lock. Do you have a setting for this in BIOS? It may be called AGP/PCI asynch or something to that effect. Most PCI-based SATA controllers will not tolerate FSB over 220.


And: there’s one more thing. I’ve read about occasions where harddrives on SATA controllers were detected, but a lot of data corruption occurred. That menas that if you write anything to the disk, you may damage lots of data. So please be careful!