Problem when burning

At the beginning of the burning process, it says that i need to insert recordable media. I use verbatim dvds. Does anyone have any idea why it wont work?

Burner type?
Media type (+/-)?

Hmm not much to go on What type of burn did you select at the first window. Copy dvd titles… Clone dvd… Or write existing data.

@wizard62, tried every type of burn.

Why so vauge? Give some information if you want help. If you don’t know the lingo, try to answer and they will draw out the info

Your DVD Writer drive: what brand and model and firmware version?

What type of verbatim media are you using? +/-? rated speed?

Don’t double post. How could it be an AnyDVD problem? Keep it here on the CloneDVD thread.

Assumption from the non-information provided so far is that your burner doesn’t eat the media you are feeding it.

But try this: when you get the insert recordable media message, try ejecting the DVD ripper tray then re-inserting the tray and click ok in CloneDVD.

kersme: i’ve locked your other threads for crossposting (which is against forum rules), and if you don’t start being more descriptive with your problem, i’m going to lock this one too.

sorry bout that.
erm, my dvd writer is sony DRU107A. media -.

Oh my, are we ever evasive with some details. If you sincerely want help let’s begin with some basic information we will need to help you.
1- What happens after you insert the media, is there an error message or does it just do nothing?
2- What type of Verbatim media are you using DVD+, DVD-, or DVD DL
3- Do you have more than 1 DVD device on your computer, such as 1 burner and 1 reader.
4-You state your burner is a Sony Dru 107A, I dont believe there is such a burner, there is a Pioneer with that model #. Maybe you meant to write Sony Dru 710A, that is a rebadged Liteon 1633s or 1653S.

If it is a Sony 710A, I suggest you go to the below link, scroll down to the Sony Dru 710A menu, then download the BYX5 stock firmware.

There are many knowledgeable people on this forum that are kind enough to share their time and knowledge, however, you must make an effort to help us help you.

1-when i click on the thuingy for it to start burning, the disk ejects and it says, insert recordable media.
2- dvd-
3- i have 1 dvd device

Well obviously it’s too much of an effort for you to offer any substantial information. It must have taken you all of ten seconds to write that reply.You indicate nothing about your burner model or firmware. As for me, I bid you good luck, I’m not about to waste any more of my time if this is the best you can do.

this thread is obviously going nowhere, so i’m locking it, and kersme, if you continue to post like this in the future, don’t bother posting at all, because:

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b) i’ll ban you for spamming the forum with useless posts