Problem when burning Blade Trinity

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My problem is as follows:

I have ripped Blade Trinity, region 2 dvd, using DVDFab Gold. I only selected the main movie and a couple of subtitles. (Have also tried to rip the whole dvd including menus, but I get the same error)
The problem occurs when I try to burn the .mds file with DVD decrypter. I get the following error:

I got the same error when I ripped it with the latest version of DVD Decrypter… Does anyone know what to do?

All feedback appreciated!

I can’t see any error message here so can’t provide an answer.

Hello and welcome at CDF,

personally I’ve ripped Blade-Trinity, PAL version (R2) without any problems. i used CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD. Why want you burn with DVDDecrypter? Have you tried to burn the movie with DVD Fav itself or an other burning application?

Thanks for the welcome H3rB3i!

I just now tried to rip and burn the movie with DVDFab Express. The ripping seems to work, but when I come to the point of burning I once again get an error message:

Afterwards I tried to burn a random selection of files to a blank dvd disc, and the burn process failed. Im suspecting this to be a hardware problem :sad: I will try to find a firmware update to see if that helps. Sorry for troubling you guys with this…

You can find the FW here

has the same type/brand worked before?

also i have problems with BLADE 3 im trying to copy the movie and everything seams ok when i do it but after i copy the movie i go to the vob and after same 5-10 min of normal playback i notes that i have misture of pictures from the begining and middle of the movie.I dont understand what its the problem?i tried with DVD DECRYPTER,DVD 2 ONE,ANY DVD,CLONE DVD 2,DVD REGION+CSS FREE.The problem its on passing the movie to hard disk,what can i do???

I Tried And Tried And After Same 5 Hours Bingoooooooooo…the Right Program To Decrypt The Blade Trinity Is Dvd Fab Platinium.i Copied The Movie On The Hard Disk With Dvd Fab Platinium(gold Mode) And After That I Riped With Dvd2one,and Burn With Nero 6.great Quality