Problem w sony crx 100e and 800Mb cd-r

I have CDRW sony crx 100e burner and just tried burn down an AVI-file of circa 717MB on it. It´s a movie. I use Cequadrats Winoncd ver. 3.6 to make the cds. In the program I changed what kind of cd-r I was going to burn. There are no checkbox for 800mb so I just wrote it in in the “custom”-box

The crx 100e burners max speed is 4x. I have used it hundreds of times on normal 700mb cd-r:s. When I now tried burning a 800mb Cd-r the cd won´t work. I tried to times with the same result: neither my cd-rom, my dvd/cd-rom or my standalone dvd are aible to read the cd. It just spins and spins but nothing happens. I have never burned a 800mb cd-r before.
Are my sony cd-r able to burna such big files? Or is it the software I use? The movie works totally fine watching it from the harddisk.
Smaller avi:s have worked just fine to burn on 700mb cd-r:s and I have had no problem with those cd:s.
The Winoncd-program gives no error-message when the 800mb-cd have been burned. It just gives an everything went ok-message as usual.

Hope you can help me.

You have a problem with the ability of your burner to fully burn even 700meg/80min cds.

“Although the following CD Writer would be able to write on 80 min CD-Rs, after at little bit more than 78 minutes it ends (the firmware of this CD Writer does not support more than 78 minutes):
Sony CRX100, Sony CRX110, Sony CRX510E, Sony ROX5004, Sony CRX50A, Sony PCGA-CDR7”

The above information from

Oh a good old CRX100E, I’ve had one of those too :slight_smile: Firmware <1.0n didn’t support writing more than to 78:30. The 1.0n firmware added support for 80 min CDs but that’s the max.

ok, thanks for clearing that out for me. I was suspicous when the bar that indicate the number of MB:s to be burned was 700mb when I was trying to burn 717MB. Was hoping it was the program wich was too old. Bad luck for me it was the Cd-burner.

Guess it´s off to the store buing a new cd-burner.

once again thanks a bunch

this information was super helpful
i have one question myself.
i see a lot of people asking for firmware upgrades for the crx100e and a link to this one sony page but its only for windows 98 and USB connected rw.
i just wanted to know if there is any other place to get firm ware that actually works (im running XP).