Problem w/ NEC ND-3450A burner



I’m using Pinnacle Studio 8 video editing software to create video content. When I go to burn previously created content onto a DVD, the burner will only burn 4 mins 6 seconds of DV content onto the disk, and that’s it. The DVD content on the disk is viewable, but you only get to see 4 minutes of what should have been a 30 minute program. I’ve tried this numerous times with DV-R and DV+R disks, with different content files, and each time, I end up with 4 minutes and 6 seconds worth of video content on the disk.

this problem recently surfaced, I’ve had no problems burning DVDs up until now. By the way, I’m using XP Professional, and using Cyberlink Power DVD 5.3.1012, no other burning software is on the computer.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the burner and driver, the Pinnacle software, and the Cyberlink software, but I still have this problem. I’m burning from files stored on a 300GB external HD, and using a P4 chip with 1GB of RAM.

Any ideas on what might be causing this problem and how to fix it?


Usually that’s a limit of Pinnacle on the trial version. Check you have registered it correctly and registered any plugins.