Problem w/ ND-2500



I just recently bought a parts systems that included a NEC ND-2500. The drive is recognized by windows and will recognize cds but any kind of dvd discs will not be seen or recorded. I had upgradedd the firmware but still it will not see or record any dvd disc. Does anyone have any suggestions/solutions as to what the problem is or to solve it. I have not cleaned the optical len w/ a len cleaning disc yet. Nec is telling me that it maybe a hardware problem.


Just looked at the drive and its been flashed to the ND-2510 firmware. Can anyone advise me as to flashing back to ND-2500 firmware?


Just use binflash and a firmware from NEC.


[B]But the one thing i would like to know is why it will not read or write any dvd disc? It will read/write cd’s but not to dvd discs.[/B]


your gonna have to get a new drive , dvd drives have 2 lasers for cd & dvd , sometimes one of em can go south leaving the other fully functional its quite common


anyway for me to be sure? it will still burn cd’s so i hate to toss it out. can it be fixed or repaired at minimal costs? can afford to replace w/ a new drive. if i can find a used one for about $15/20 i might can work w/ that.