Problem w/ Media can't be read on Sony cd-rw crx230e AND dvd-rw dw-q120a

I had a sony cd-rw crx230e and it suddenly stopped working, so i thought it was just broken. I bought a sony dvd-rw dw-q120a and installed it. Apparently the drive was not the problem. The jumpers are set correctly and I thought maybe i needed to reinstall windows. I actually installed windows with the dvd drive, but after installing all other hardware drivers when ever I put a disk into the drive, it won’t read the disc and brings up the drive as if it were containing blank media. I have the secondary channel set to DMA, also. Not sure what the problem is, i put the drives into other systems and they work fine. Have a regular cd drive in secondary slave right now just so i could install drivers and software. If anybody has ever heard of this before, any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Brief Descr. of System Specs:
3.2Ghz Pentium 4
Asus Motherboard.
200 GB WD hd(Master)
100 GB WD hd(Slave)
Sony DVD-RW DW-q120a(Master)
Samsung cd-rom drive read only(Slave) NEEDED A WORKING DRIVE
2GB DDR400


Surely the OS installation is b0rked.

That was my first thought, but I formatted, did a clean install and all of windows updates w/o a single hiccup.

Well, I found the solution, and it had nothing to do w/ drivers, os, or anything. After trying many different master slave combinations i finally decided that maybe the ide cable was messed up, although I couldn’t fathom how that could happen so when i went to switch it out, I noticed that a pin in the secondary ide plub on the mb was bent. Straightened it out with out breaking it, set up my original configuration, and voila, problem solved. Then pin would have had to have been bent the entire time, so apparently it was not important for a regular cd rom drive. Oh, well.