Problem w/DW1640 burn errors after XP reinstallation

After setting up a fresh copy of Windows XP SP2, my BenQ DW1640 has been having problems burning DVD media. I can’t seem to be able to track down the cause. Here’s what’s been happening:

  • Data verification fails about 98% of the time when burning to the same 3 types of DVD-R and DVD+R media I’ve had around since before the XP reinstallation. Previously I very seldom had this problem.

  • While burning, Nero Burning ROM v6 reports a steady 16x rate of burning. Before reinstalling XP, the burning rate was constantly varying, starting low, and dynamically sensing and adjusting itself upwards. I can’t seem to find any settings in Nero to alter that.

  • I’ve tested burning disks at 16x, 12x, and as low as 8x, but data verification fails just about every time at each setting. And nero reports the constant, non-varying burning bitrate at each setting.

  • I tried increasing Nero’s data buffer size to a maximum of 80 MB with no effect on the problem.

  • The cache for Nero set to a large driver with plenty of free space that Nero reports a drive speed of 20,195 KB/s

  • I’ve reinstalled Nero, but it had no effect.

Any thoughts on just what may be causing this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi and welcome!

Apply this registry setting (copy into notepad and save as NeroSpeed.reg, doubleclick then):


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Recorder] 

Any thoughts on just what may be causing this would be greatly appreciated.
Please check if DMA is enabled. Also, some IDE drivers from the chipset manufacturer (e.g. Nvidia) are buggy. If you have installed something like that, uninstall these and let Windows install its own drivers.


Thanks for the suggestions mciahel. I had to disconnect the BenQ for a while to test to see if it’s been the cause of XP instantaneously rebooting. That’s why I reinstalled XP to begin with, thinking XP had become corrupt with age and/or a virus. But today I had the system suddenly reboot again, and as the BenQ was one of few things having problems since reinstalling XP, I thought I’d try to run the system for a day or so to see if the problem goes away.

I’ll report back on your suggestions in a day or so.

Thanks ever so much for your feedback.

Thought I’d post this to give this thread some closure. After a couple of weeks of troubleshooting much of the hardware and software on my system, it turned out that I had a bad RAM card that was causing the XP OS constant errors with the file system, spontaneously rebooting, Running chkdsk out of the blue and finding dozens of cross-linked and lost files with no prior reported problems, and multiple desktop boot error messages about recovering registery from backups and various services not loading.

The DW1640 is fine. And it was because I’d reinstalled and older copy of Nero that caused the loss of dynamic reporting of the true burning bitrate. When I confirmed the drive was good in another system, it had a very new copy of Nero that was visually different looking which clued me in.

Thanks though to mciahel for his feedback.