Problem w/ dvdfab

:confused: having problem w/ dvdfab iffen the dvd is a sony production and the first thing that pops up is the sony screen then dvdfab wont be able to get the info…or at least ive had problems if theres a fix for it let me know please:confused:

Hi and welcome to the forum. I have never heard of this before. Just close the Sony screen and open DVDFab it should recognize the movie. Where did you buy DVDFab, are you using the free decrypter. Please let us know.

im using the free decrypter eventhough i closed it just keeps on trying to read the disc dont know what else to try:sad:

What version are you using? Sorry i have never used the free one.

the version is it works pretty good it just might be a glitch with the disc not sure…only tried it w/ one sony production

ill try i again and see what happens

it isnt decrytping it, it just keeps on trying to read it

hold down SHIFT key while you insert the DVD - that will stop the sony stuff from autorunning. then lauch DVDfab & try again.

If pathplayer is enabled disable it.
No clue as to why but that works many times.
Open dvdfab before inserting the disk.