Problem w/ data dvds on gsa - 4163b

first of all sorry my bad english
my problem is
i had a old pc with this dvd burner, and i recorded many data dvds

eg: filename.iso

now, on a new pc… when i put the this dvds on the drive it seems the dvd is empty
0bytes free 0 bytes used

burned dvds works great, but theses data dvds dont

what could i do to fix this?

thx in advance

On your new PC, did you try to read the discs on the same drive (4163B)? Also, what brand and type were those discs?

You can try and see if those discs can be read on a different drive, say maybe bring a disc to a friend’s place and see if he can read it with his computer.

If the discs cannot be read even in a different drive, then I’m sorry but the discs may be dead.