Problem w/ CloneDVD2

I was using CloneDVD for awhile and recently I just purchased and upgraded to CloneDVD2 (did a new clean install of v2). Now when I am using it it rips fine and then asks me to put in a writeable dvd which I do and then it burns it to dvd from my hdd. But the problem is when it gets to 100% and says its flushing borders and what not it hangs there for hours and doesn’t finish like the clonedvd version before I had from SlySoft. When it hangs like this it freezes up my computer and I have to restart using the restart button which is very bad on my hdd.

Has anyone else had this problem? if so is there a fix for it?

Thanks in advance… :stuck_out_tongue:


strange … i would try to reinstall it … mine hangs for like 5-10 seconds then its finished and pops out … but no where like hours haha … sumthing strange

Just upgraded from to and the first dvd+r I burnt with it (Hidalgo) had the same problem (hanging on 100%, flushing borders) with the drive tray locked. Even after a restart in safe mode my HP dvd300i (ver. 7H29) tray would not open - had to use the paper clip to open it.
Tried a dvd+rw and that worked fine (!?!).
Updated hp firmware to latest (EK24) and the dvd+r worked fine.
This is the first coaster I’ve ever had since almost 1 year, and I assume it was because the firmware was not current.
The HP update includes the following features:
"Laser write strategies added for new 8x DVD+R media manufacturers.
Ahead (Nero) INCD format issue addressed.
Read and drive hang issues with Ahead’s CD Speed utility addressed. "

I have the same problem!
It burns only DVD|RW, and with DVD|R makes errors! :frowning:
What is happened to the new version?


@UserAH and @BrentD:

Unfortunately your reports are far from being helpful, as you did not state which burner (including firmware version), OS, drivers (IDE Busmaster?), etc… you use.

I am using CloneDVD2 V2.4.3.1 with AnyDVD V3.9.2.1 and have no problems whatsoever on my Liteon 812S burner.
I have tried all the DVD copying software and CloneDVD is my favorite and does exactly what I want it to.

Here are the steps that I follow and have not burned any coasters.
1- Make sure you have the latest firmware installed for your burner.
Many firmware upgrades include more media types, to avoid your burner not
being compatible with your media keep the firmware current
2-I always make sure my drive is defragmented before burn
3- I have disabled Xp’s built in burning software(Roxio)
4- I don’t use hibernation or screensavers in XP
5- Have created shortcut for msconfig in XP.
6- Although some of my media is capable of burning 8X, I set it for 4X.
7- Before burn, I hit msconfig shortcut and disable everything, then reboot,
this assures no conflicts with other programs and any Anti Virus programs.

This may be overkill, but it works flawlessly for me so I stick with it.

P.S. I would remove INCD or DirectCD if you have it installed.
These programs create more problems, including DVD copying problems. then what they’re worth.
DVDXcopy indicated on their site there were known issues packet writing programs created with their software.

  • HW: PIII 1GHz, Aopen-Board AX3S Pro (Chipset i815E) - BIOS newest, DVD-RAM LG GSA-4081B (FW: A101);
  • SW: Win98SE, Intel® Ultra ATA Storage Driver.

same DVD+R (“prodye video” 4x) burn with Nero or CloneDVD - no problemo! :iagree:

I have had the same problem in the past, it was a media problem at my end.
Using other DVD Medias or reducing target size for only a few bytes should
solve the problem

This might help:

I do not understand. :confused:
What do I have to make?

Why old versions burn DVD/R normally, and the new version works only with RW? :confused:

…and it occurs at the same configuration :frowning:

For the information: specified configuration Win98se did not change “since a birth of system”!

have you tried one of my tips already?

It does not depend from media. With others DVD medias (+/-R) - the same problem.

I have removed Intel® Ultra ATA Storage Driver… I shall look at result. :iagree:

and same problem if you change the target size to 4400 only?

Thanks! Now at last has thought…
I shall try. :stuck_out_tongue:

But nevertheless it is interesting - why on RW burns without problems (DVD 5) :rolleyes:

And for what the following formats: :confused:
DVD-5 ???
DVD+R DL ???

Manual… Using the Application

Target Size: Here you can adjust the target size yourself. You can choose between a DVD-5 or Custom settings (100 MB to 9999 MB). The quality bar aside shows you the corresponding compression depending on the title selection as well as the target size and thus the quality of the movie copy. Trough the quality bar you have the direct correlation between title selection, target size and quality. In the next window you’ll find a second quality bar which is more exact and includes the audio and subtitle selection

DVD-5: it is interesting, why isn’t media recognized automatically?

Some brands of media do not burn well when it reaches the outer edges.
By reducing the target size to 4400, and even lower you will avoid going to the outer edge, you may loose a small bit of picture quality but it’s better than ending up with a coaster.
I only use quality media, Taiyo Yuden, it’s the best, have no problems going to the outer edge. At 80 cents each they may cost more, but in the long run if I don’t burn any coasters the price is a bargain compared to cheap media. Time is valauble to me,
so if I have to do the burn twice there is no value in cheap media.

I have at present very good experience with Prody 4x (DVD+R). 50 pieces were burned without problem. But with CloneDVD2 since V2.4.x.x mode DVD-5 does not function any longer correctly!!! harm… :frowning:

I rather remain with the version :iagree:

One more thing you may try, it’s possible you are burning at a higher speed the media is capable of. Do not set the burning speed to maximum, make sure it is set to the maximum speed the media you have is capable of.

My Taiyo Yuden disks are rated at 4x speed but has the capability to burn at 8X, however I still only burn at 4X.

Why don’t you try downloading the free program of DVDInfoPro, it’s a great program. Put your blank DVD in, click on media tab, and it will tell you manufacturer of media and the speed the disk can be burned at.