Problem VOB files

Hello Everybody, I’ve got a problem with some VOB files which are formated PAL. Can I format them so players in the USA plays them in DVD Fab and how do I do it. This may be a newbie question but I haven’t worked with VOB files in a long time. Thanks:confused:

@ swampwizard , I recently created a PAL DVD just so I could test to see if my DVD players would play it . Kerry56 gave me a link to a calibration test download.
You probably odn’t need that but I used it to burn a PAL DVD.
Both my Magnovox & LG DVD players play it fine.
I used the PAL .ISO to burn with ImgBurn directly to a DVD single layer disc.
This .ISO contained all the DVD compliant files.
Do you only have .VOB files ?

:confused:Cholla, I have all the files.I made a PAL disc and ripped it with DVDFab.The disc I made plays on my computer but doesn’t play on my Magnavox DVD player or my Sony Blu-ray player. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks.

It might depend on the age of the Magnavox DVD player . The one I used was a
H2160MW9 . I assume it is Region 1.

Nero Info Tool shows the DVD I created as Regions All which is region free.
I had an .iso but you might try burning the DVD Folder using ImgBurn Build mode to a single layer DVD disc.

You might give some information on how & what you used the make the PAL DVD disc.

@ swampwizard , Just curious did you give ImgBurn a try & did it work for you ?

I burned the disc with ImageBurn.:confused:

Ok .
I’m confused on a few things

I made a PAL disc [/QUOTE]
How ?
What softwares did you use for making this PAL disc ?

ripped it with DVDFab [/QUOTE]
I’m not being smart here but to make sure the term is correct.
“ripped” means read . Usually it means read to the hard drive .

[QUOTE=swampwizard;2654832]I burned the disc with ImageBurn.:confused:[/QUOTE]

At what point in this process ?

Maybe you can post a “Text” from MediaInfo from one of the .VOBs .
Usually the largest is the best to use. This would be your “Source” .vob’s.

Also one from a .VOB on the ImgBurn burned(written) disc.

This will tell me at least a couple of things . The resolutions & if everything is still PAL.