Problem viewing DVD - horizontal picture jumping



I am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction on this one. I have an original DVD that, when played, looked as if the frames of the picture on the TV were “scrolling” up horizontally. From the moment the DVD starts playing, it looks like someone is playing with the horizontal adjustment on an old TV, where if you played with the control, the picture just kept “scrolling up.” I thought the problem was due to the region encoding, so I used my AnyDVD and AnyDVD DVD copy to shrink it onto a single sided DVD. No luck - it plays, but the same problem as the original. I am currently running Decrypter on it, to see if there was any region encoding (it shows up as Region 1-8). I have never seen this sort of problem before. The DVD was from India (some sort of Tele Novel/soap opera) and I am assuming they play onto the PAL system there, not the NTSC. Does it sound like the problem is due to it needing to by played on a PAL TV? Or does that not make any sense?
Help! Any comments or input would be greatly appreciated.


Never mind - a bit of further study revealed that the DVD is indeed PAL and I need to figure out an easy way to convert a PAL DVD to a NTSC DVD (or just buy a cheap DVD player that plays converts PAL to NTSC)