Problem using WinDVR 3 TV card

When I open InterVideo WinDVR 3, I get no sound when I view the tv. Also,
when I try to connect my VCR to the TV card with an audio cable, I get no audio.

Help in this matter will be appreciated :slight_smile:


Generally it is best to hook the video cables up to your capture card, then use your onboard sound card to capture the sound. Make sure that you video in on your soundcard settings is not muted, and that you have the level set correctly. It may take a few tests to ensure that you have the correct incoming audio level. Too low, and your audio will be very low, and too high, and you will have feedback.

I also have the same problem. I dont have any sound audiable from my TV Tuner Card. There is a Device TAB in the Properties of my TV Card, Where we are propted to select the Correct TV Input and Audio Input at the very first use of our TV Tuner. Here I can see that there are three types of Video Input, Compsite, TV, S-Video. We selct TV here. But for Audio no device is seen but my Installed motehrboard Audio driver is visible in the avaiable Audio devces. But no Sound. I also tried connecting speakers to teh motehr board and using a line in cable from the TV Tuner. Still It dont work. I use Windows Xp with Intel 945 GCNL Board. Previously I used to have a P3 with Win 98 System. Where I used to get audio in both cases when I connect Linein or Conect Audio device directly. But now ID ont get audio when I connect Speakers to motehr board. But I get sound when I connect them to the Tuner Card. IN this case I Can;t record sound along with teh video. this is the Challenge I have . Anyone Please suggest a resoluton.

I share the problem of no audio with the Windvr 3.0 (or 2.0) SW. My sound (Sigma Tel High Definition Audio Codec) is integrated on the mother board of a Dell Dimension 5150. The TV card is correctly identified by Windvr and TV Video is correctly displayed (although automatic channel search cannot be stopped if I initiate it explicitly). Also the Sigma Tel is listed as Audio Input but the Line in does not appear as a source. Instead the output units of Sigma Tel(Wave , Synthesizer etc) show up as sources. Sound is simply noise irrespective of wheter I connect the TV card Line Out to the sound card or directly to speakers. I have tried several drivers for the TV-card. The problem seems to be in the lack of communication of the sound characteristics to Windvr. Any suggestions? :confused:

Try version 3.0B079.514C8G; it bundles my capture card product, the ProView PlayTV USB 2.0.

This is the only version that really works.

Please, report your results here. Thank you.

Download Here