Problem using Sony DVD DW-G521A & NEC DVD+RW ND1100A

I having problem with DVD +R unable to be read by Sony DW-G521A if it is created by NEC ND1100A, and another DVD+R disk unable to be read by the NEC ND1100A if it is created by Sony DW-G521A.

I have read specification that Sony DW-G521A and NEC ND1100A supports DVD+R, and I have Write to the DVD +R disks at 4X. However, no error prompted by Sony (for disk created by NEC) except it is always showing 0 bytes on the disk.

For NEC, when it reads the disk copied using the Sony DW-G521A, it shows Format Error.

Apppreciate advice. Thanks.

Make sure it is finalized/fixated.

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The ND1100A is a very old burner now and maybe passed it’s best. It’s going to struggle
with much of the media available these days. I think graceful retirement beckons.

I would crossflash your NEC 1100 to a 1300’s latest modified firmware. Even so, it’s going to struggle with most 16x media, although it will burn most 8x media ok at 4x. You should consider a new burner, but flashing the drive’s firmware will get the most out of your current drive in the meantime. Here’s a link to the firmware, it will also allow -R burning, and it will add the option to bitset +R media to -ROM, which creates better compatibility with standalone DVD players.

Best to stick with +R media even if you do cross flash to a ND1300 as it’s a bit hit & miss with -R media. Never got a single successful burn with -R media when I did the same cross flash. Mind you I think the media I used was crap, as was much of my +R stuff as well. This was before I realised the benefits of quality media.

May I know the cause of the problem is due to NEC 1100A is a old model or they have different methods in writing a DVD?. Thank you for your advice