Problem using Nero 5 BR with DVDShrink

Ok, I use DVDShrink to burn my DVD’s and make backup copies of them, and Shrink requires you use Nero to support the burning to the DVD-R once the original is backed up into a folder.

Well, I had to uninstall Nero 5 BR for a reason, but found out later I needed it anyway, so I went and reinstalled Nero.

Now when I use DVDShrink, it is taking FOOOOOREVER to backup the original.

Like Ill see the video display showing me that its backing up the movie to my backup, but instead of taking only 15-20 minutes to backup the movie, its now taking 345 hours to complete.

Its like all of a sudden, my burner is running at decreasingly slower speeds.

Has anyone experienced this problem???

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Firstly , this is the wrong forum you’ve posted into. This is the SDK forum, you probably should either have posted this into the Nero & Incd forum or the Newbie forum. Maybe a mod will move it.

You don’t need Nero at all if you don’t mind burning the compressed DVD with some other app.

It’s hard to know just what the problem is without some idea of you PC spec as nothing we normally encounter here would explain such a dramatic change in the times.

Defragmentation & DMA not being being correctly enabled are typical reasons for long conversion times, but not to the extent you’re experiencing.